Can A Chore Chart Work for Couples or Parents?

Posted June 21, 2010 by chorechart
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I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about parents wondering if the new online chart for managing chores, My Job Chart, can be used to help them organize individual chores. I decided to write my own personal experience with this and let parents know that it IS possible and that it does work.

My wife and I were just married 1 month ago and we are finally getting settled in to our new home (sort of:). As you can imagine, with purchasing a new home, getting married, coordinating moves, writing thank you cards, and a slew of other things we have to do right now, there is no lack of need for something to keep us organized with our to do lists.

We’ve started using My Job Chart to help us manage our day to day tasks like sweeping, vacuuming, mowing the lawn, dishes, bedrooms and other daily chores. It has worked surprisingly well and we’re saving up our points for a trip to Disneyland sometime in the fall or early winter.

What we did was sign up for My Job Chart and designated us to be parents. Then we added two kids and named them after us :). Then we assigned chores to our “kids” and designated which days we would perform certain tasks and added point values to each chore. Then we added our reward (a trip to disneyland) and gave it a point value. As soon as we get enough points we are headed to Cali with our two little sisters and staying the weekend. Can’t wait. So far we are well on our way.

The site is helping to remind us to keep our house nice and tidy and keeping us motivated to manage the daily chores. This is a great way to use My Job Chart if you don’t have kids yet but still think it is a great idea for organization.


Printable Chore Lists are a Thing of the Past

Posted May 11, 2010 by chorechart
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I guess if you still are trying to live back in the computerless age, then printable chore lists are still a good way to keep track of household chores and assignments. However, if you’re like 6 billion other people in this world living in the here and now, you might want to think about an online version of chore lists.

A list of chores is a great way to get down on paper exactly what each child’s assignment for the day/week is. You can even make a box where they can check off the chore once it’s finished and they can get stars and/or rewards. What about when they check off the chores for the week and you have to start all over the next week? What a hassle to have to keep writing out those chore charts. That’s why it’s good to have a chart that you can print out and save you time.

Whether you want a chore chart that you can print out or one that you can manage completely online, there is a solution. My Job Chart is an online chore chart solution that teaches kids to work in a fun and productive way. Doing chores teaches kids the value of hard work and being rewarded helps them realize that through hard work comes great blessings. With My Job Chart, you can manage chores online and you can also print out the chores once they are set up. This way, if your kids are too young to use a computer, you can post them on the fridge and they can check them off there. At the end of the week when you need a new one printed out, you can login and print out a new one with ease.

Printable chore lists are a thing of the past but you can make them a thing of the present with My Job Chart. If you’re interested in trying out My Job Chart and creating a printable chore list, click the link provided.

Social Problems in Kids Sparked by Video Games

Posted May 11, 2010 by chorechart
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Free time used to be outdoor play time. Now more and more kids are spending their free afternoons indoors playing various video games. The lack of social interaction with others can affect your kids.

How long do your kids play video games? Gaming consoles have replaced the television and social interaction for some kids. They are more at home in the make-believe world of the video game than with others their own age. How can you as a parent change that for your kids?

Growing up is hard for kids even at the best of times. When you hit puberty, you feel like a stranger in your own skin. As an outlet, kids find activities that make them feel less tense. In the world of video games, they can be whoever they want to be. If they make a mistake or take a wrong turn, it can be done over as many times as they need in order to get it right.

The real world is not the same. Video games are a fun distraction but are not meant to replace social interaction with peers. The more time that is devoted to video games, the less time there will be to cultivate those social skills that make kids feel awkward with one another in the first place.

Watch the amount of time that your kids spend playing video games. For boys, it seems that playing video games is a way into the “inner sanctum” of camaraderie. They discuss video game graphics, strategies and scores as a way to begin a conversation and get to know each other. To them, video games are the cool thing to do.

To that end, you can find a happy medium with a daily limit on video game time. Place the gaming console in the family room where it can only be accessed at certain times. You can also monitor the types of video games they are playing especially when their friends bring games over.

Kids need more in their lives than video games. Talking about video games can be a conversation starter but so can other subjects like the latest fashions, the opposite sex (they are at that age) and weekend plans.
How do you know if video games are becoming a problem? Does your kid come home and head straight for the video game system? When their friends come over, would they rather play video games than go outside? Do their friends even come over?

Take stock of your child’s behavior. If they are spending too much time in the world of fast cars, monster aliens and dragons, maybe it’s time to get them to mingle with some real people. Everyone even kids need to share their lives with other people who can talk back to them. Limit video game and encourage more social interaction.

If you would like a good way to get kids off the couch and learning the value of hard work. Visit the link provided.

Chore Charts | The Best Way to Motivate Your Kids

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If you’re like many parents, you may be asking yourself why it is so hard to get your kids to work. Chore charts are one of the tried and true ways to help motivate kids to help out around the house. However, not all chore charts are created equal.

Creating a fun chore chart is a hard task and it takes time. Let’s face it, one of the reasons you would like to have your kids do chores is to save you time. Magnetic chore charts and printable chore charts can be fun but usually get thrown away after a few weeks anyway and the chore work stops along with them.

An online chore chart is what you need. The internet is where kids are spending a lot of their time these days. Why not leverage that automatic attachment that your kids have to the computer to help you get them motivated to do chores. With an online chore chart, you can set up chores for each individual child. Each of them have a username and password to login and look at their chores for the day/week/month. When they complete a chore, they check it off and they get points for doing so.

The points are really important because who wants to do work without getting some sort of compensation. When they get enough points they can redeem them for rewards that you set up for them.

Online chore charts may not seem like they are for everyone, but they are working for families with kids of all ages. Even 4 year olds that can’t read can see an image icon online of what they have to do for chores. When they do their chore, they can use the mouse to check off the chore that relates to the picture they already know how to identify.

Chore charts are great for the busy family. They help everyone stay on task and help the family chores get accomplished. Also, everyone is happy about getting rewards. To try out the best online chore chart on the web, visit